Ever wonder what full time travel looks like? This past summer, Jacob and I had the idea to create a video that would highlight our favorite moments from the past two and a half years of non-stop traveling. I cannot believe how long I’ve kept this video a secret! We’ve been working on this video for so long — sourcing old footage, finding the perfect music, editing it, re-editing it (yup, that happened!), and finally: coloring it. It’s truly been a labor of love and I’m SO THRILLED to finally share it with you!

We’ve been through a lot the past few years, and this video covers so much. There are moments from our life in Amsterdam, bucket list experiences like floating in the arctic sea in Finland; feeding deer in Nara, Japan; waking up in a glass cabin in Sweden’s forest; bathing in the most incredible hot springs in Tuscany; as well as some of our all-time favorite landscapes in Milos, Greece and the Cook Islands; cities we love like Brasov in Romania and the Cotswolds in England; and…our wedding day! Right in the midst of all our travels.

As with our other videos, I wanted to provide references for the places shown since we often get questions about where they are. For any of the places listed, I also linked any blog posts or guides I have with more information on the destination! Here they are in order of appearance…

Destinations Featured In This Video

Quick tip: if you’re looking for a specific time code, just use command + F (control + F on PC) from a computer to find it below.

West Sweden
0:00, 0:01 waking up at the 72 Hour Glass Cabin
1:26 canoeing during our stay at the glass cabin on the Baldernas property

0:03 helicopter ride over the Na Pali Coast
0:20 – 0:24 beaches and rivers on the North Shore
1:06 – 1:15 our wedding in Kauai
1:37 waterfalls during our helicopter ride

Cotswolds, England – a stopover from London, England
0:02 in Castle Combe and again at 0:36

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
0:03 jumping in the water near Puerto Vallara (more in our Puerto Vallarta video)
0:41 boat day near Puerto Vallarta
0:55 surfers near Sayulita

Tokyo, Japan
0:03 downtown Tokyo in a red jumpsuit, again at 0:29
0:41 views from the Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo

Nara – a day trip from Kyoto, Japan
0:25 feeding the deer in Nara

Milos, Greece
0:04 aerial view of Sarakiniko Beach
0:28 houses at Firopotamos Beach
0:37 underwater at Sarakiniko Beach
1:16, 1:48 swimmers at Sarakiniko Beach

Tuscany, Italy
0:06 – 0:09 hot springs (more in our Tuscany video)
1:49 on the water in Porto San Stefano

Cook Islands
0:10 sunset from our hideaway at Pacific Resort Aitutaki
0:13 palm trees on One Foot Island
0:44 aerial views of Rarotonga Island
0:47 – 0:52, 0:54 at One Foot Island
1:45 old tree on Aitutaki Island
1:49 swimming at One Foot Island

Lapland, Finland
0:11 in Kemi at Seaside Glass Villas
0:35 dog sledding near Kemi (more in our Lapland video)
1:02 feeding reindeer in Lapland
1:22 view from our glass house in Kemi
1:23 floating in the arctic sea during the Kemi Icebreaker Sampo Cruise
1:28, 1:29 the Kemi Icebreaker Sampo Cruise
1:46 the river at Oulanka National Park
1:49 warming up after dog sledding

Gstaad, Switzerland
0:15-0:19 waking up at Huus Gstaad
0:39 downtown Gstaad (more in our Gstaad video)
1:20 hot chocolate at Huus Gstaad

Dominican Republic
0:30 – 0:34 floating in the Hoyo Azul
0:46 day trip to Isla Saona

Davos, Switzerland
0:40 snowshoeing in the mountains

Lisse – a day trip from Amsterdam, Netherlands
0:42, 1:27 hyacinth fields outside of Keukenhof Gardens

Faroe Islands
0:43 views at the top of Funningur (more in our Faroe Islands video)
1:31 horses in the countryside
1:32 views during our boat tour from Vestmanna
1:33 downtown Tórshavn
1:35 views at the end of the hike to Traelanipa
1:38 Mulafossur waterfall
1:47 caves during our boat tour from Vestmanna
1:52 overlooking Funningur

Nassau, Bahamas
0:52 a random stretch of beach near our hotel (more in our Nassau guide)
1:03, 1:40 manta rays at the Atlantis Bahamas

Transylvania, Romania
0:55 sunset views over Brasov (more in our Romania video)
1:50 sleigh ride in Poiana Brasov

Fussen, Germany
0:57 snow at Neuschwanstein Castle

Las Vegas, Nevada
0:58 helicopter ride over Hoover Dam

Paris, France
0:59, 1:01 Eiffel tower views from the Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

Antiparos – a day trip from Paros, Greece
1:17 cliff jumping at Antiparos

1:20 feeding the flamingos at Renaissance Beach

Kyoto, Japan
1:25 archways at Kinkaku-ji Temple

Amsterdam, Netherlands
1:43, 1:44 ice skating on the frozen canals

1:47 floating in the Dead Sea
1:52, 1:53 sunrise over Masada

Ayia Napa, Cyprus
1:51 cliff jumping at Ayia Napa sea caves

Special thanks to Heart Visuals for providing the beautiful footage from our wedding day.

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