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Jacob shot this video for our trip to Lapland, Finland, and it might be my favorite one he’s done yet! From dog-sledding to feeding reindeer, to exploring one of Finland’s most beautiful national parks and our cozy stay in a Kemi’s glass-ceiling villas — this video is a one-minute crash course in everything Finnish.

The video starts out with the views of the property and our room in Kemi’s Seaside Glass Villas. The landscape with the line of trees at the beginning is actually the frozen sea covered with snow (crazy!). Next is the reindeer feeding, which takes place in Kemi at a local reindeer farm. The dog-sledding trip was one of our favorite activities ever. We went out in the morning from Ulla’s husky farm and got to mush our own dog sled team. The snow-covered trees and the bridges, rivers and cabins are all from our day trip to Oulanka National Park, and the ship and shots of me floating in the water are from our Icebreaker Sampo tour, which was such a memorable experience.

For a full itinerary that covers a visit to this region, don’t miss our Complete Lapland, Finland Travel Guide. If there’s anything you want to know about visiting Lapland, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. 😉

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