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Recently I shared a few books I'd been reading and received a ton of responses. It seems a lot of us are after great book recommendations right now! I've always loved reading but when I started traveling more a few years ago, it also became a sense of comfort to me. I started reading in the evenings from airports and hotel rooms, and it's been one of the few routines that stuck. Now I read every night to fall asleep.

These have been some of the books that have stayed with me over the past few months. Whether eye-opening, inspiring, or funny, they are the ones I've been recommending to friends and family recently. From each one I've felt a connection to the writer, and loved learning about their perspective on life. Read on for my favorite book recommendations and a bit about each. And if you're in the market for a Kindle e-reader, check out this post.


At a conference, Glennon Doyle locks eyes with another woman and instantly falls for her — despite already being married. In this memoir she shares the crazy trajectory of her life story, what it means to be unconventional, and lessons about growing up as a woman in today’s society.

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The Sun Does Shine

At 29 years old, Anthony Ray Hinton is arrested and charged with capital murder for a crime he didn't commit. Convinced the truth will set him free, he goes on to spend the next thirty years on death row. His incredible story of hope, justice, and loss is one of the most compelling I've ever read. You can also watch the documentary film featuring him here.

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This Is Going To Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Medical Resident

Unfiltered stories and anecdotes from working as a doctor, documented in between patients in the hospital ward. Things are definitely not as they seem! I found myself laughing out loud while reading this one, and it wraps up with a message that's as unexpected as it is important.

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The Male Brain

After opening the first clinic to study gender differences in the brain, Dr. Louann Brizendine decided her findings had to be shared. This book gives a completely new perspective on male stereotypes, why we are the way we are, and how to be more understanding of the men (and women) in our lives. You can read her first book here, though I found this one easier to digest.

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The fascinating story of Tara Westover is rooted in her childhood growing up with a survivalist family in the mountains. Completely isolated for the first half of her life, she decides to apply to Harvard. This one will keep you up at night (I couldn't put it down at 3am).

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Know My Name

Previously known as ‘Jane Doe’ in the Brock Turner rape case, Chanel Miller steps into the spotlight on her own terms. Her insight and story is raw and moving. I devoured this book and have recommended it to many others.

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Daring Greatly

If you’re not familiar with Brené Brown, this book will open you up to her keen insight. In Daring Greatly she shares how much we can learn from being vulnerable, and why it's synonymous with being courageous. She recently introduced a podcast which I also highly recommend.

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Michelle Obama’s autobiography is compelling, inspiring, and beautiful. She somehow manages to feel like an old friend talking you through her life story. A must-read, especially if you shy away from politics. Watch it before seeing the film on Netflix.

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Maybe You Should Talk To Someone

It’s rare to hear from a therapist's perspective, one of the many reasons this book is hard to put down. Filled with humor and candor, it's no wonder why it's currently being adapted into a TV series.

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Yes Please

I've always loved Amy Poehler but only recently got around to reading her book. It's filled with personal stories, laugh out loud anecdotes, and gems from her everyday life. Just what the doctor ordered right now.

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