Ever since our trip to Iceland a few years back, Jacob and I have been wanting to make it over to the Faroe Islands. A friend of ours told us they’d describe it as the “undiscovered” version of Iceland. That sold us pretty immediately! We spent a week exploring the natural beauty of the islands and creating this Faroe Islands video. Some days were sunny, some rainy, and some completely fogged out. There were times where we didn’t see another person for hours. I still can’t believe how quiet it was.

This video features some of our favorite locations, here they are in order of appearance and with timecodes: the lookout point above Funningur town (0:01 & 0:11, again at 1:02 & 1:05); Múlafossur waterfall into the ocean (0:13); a boat trip we took departing from Vestmanna called Froyur (0:19); hiking Lake Sørvágsvatn, otherwise known as the “hanging lake” (0:30 to 0:42); Fossá waterfall (0:49), horses, waterfall and grassy house in Saksun (0:58 to 1:02); grass-covered houses in the capital of Tórshavn (1:09); rows of boat houses in Hósvik (1:19) and of course, plenty of sheep (everywhere!). The video ends with the lookout point above Funningur – it was one of our favorite spots.

For those of you considering the Faroe Islands, it’s absolutely beautiful. If you haven’t been to Iceland yet, I’d recommend going there first. There are definitely more tourists, but there’s also more diversity in landscape. The Faroes is amazing if you want to enjoy incredible scenery with no one around. During our trip we stayed at Hotel Hafnia, which was right across the street from Tórshavn’s best restaurants, and the famous Hotel Føroyar.

Music by: Jome – Hollow

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