Sea caves in Ayia Napa Cyprus via @finduslost

If you read our recent update about traveling full-time, you know that we’ve had a packed schedule these past few months. We also spent more time in and around the Greek Islands than ever before! This included experiencing some of the clearest blue water we’d ever seen during these weeks. Of the whole summer though, nothing compared to the turquoise hues we found at the sea caves in Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

Before heading to Paros during our Greek Island hopping summer, we flew in to Cyprus to visit family we hadn’t seen in years. This week was filled with lots of family reunions, delicious Cypriot food, and plenty of exploring. Cyprus is quite large when compared to the Greek Islands, and you’ll find everything from mountain towns to pristine beaches to rugged landscapes and cities there. It is a bit out of the way if you’re visiting the islands, but easy to get to from Athens. To tack it on to a Greece trip, I recommend going at the beginning or end of your journey. Here’s a little taste of what Cyprus is like so you can get a feel for the country…


Ayia Napa

Sea caves in Paphos Cyprus via @finduslost
Blue water in Ayia Napa Cyprus via @finduslost
Sea caves in Paphos Cyprus via @finduslost
Cliff jumping in ayia napa Cyprus via @finduslost
Sea caves in Paphos Cyprus via @finduslost
Sea caves in Ayia Napa Cyprus via @finduslost
Sea caves in Ayia Napa Cyprus via @finduslost
Fresh seafood in Paphos, Cyprus via @finduslost

Omodos Village

Fresh fruit in Cyprus via @finduslost
Local cypriot food Galaktoboureko via @finduslost
Sunset over omodos mountain town in Cyprus via @finduslost
Cat in Odomos Village via @finduslost
Grapes in Cyprus via @finduslost


Paphos mosaics and views of Cyprus via @finduslost
Paphos mosaic archaeological park and views of Cyprus via @finduslost

Linen Dresses for Cyprus

Hair Scarves

The most beautiful place to stay on the island, hands down, is Anassa Hotel. We wanted to be near family so we stayed in a hotel in the main city of Limassol. While it’s accessible to a lot of restaurants and shops, I would definitely recommend staying outside of the main cities in the Paphos area. There’s a lot of charm to be found in the small mountain towns of Cyprus and along the coastline, but some areas are quite built up.

My favorite stop of this trip was Pano Lefkara, a mountain town known for needlecraft and quaint cobblestone streets. We had the best time exploring and talking to all the locals. Cyprus is not known for being a huge tourist destination. That means you never have to worry about it being over-crowded in these historic towns. On the other hand, I sometimes wish it had more people coming through. The locals are so welcoming and these beautiful gems deserve more attention.

Pano Lefkara Village

Greek restaurant in Cyprus via @finduslost
Kittens in Cyprus via @finduslost
Town of pano lefkara in Cyprus via @finduslost
Cypriot buildings in pano lefkara mountain town in Cyprus via @finduslost
Cypriot buildings in pano lefkara mountain town in Cyprus via @finduslost
Travel mules shoes in Cyprus via @finduslost
Pano lefkara village in Cyprus via @finduslost

The shoes I’m wearing in these photos are from St. Agni, I wore them all over Cyprus and they are the perfect travel shoes. I also recommend bringing a good pair of sandals (I’ve worn these sandals down through countless trips and they’re still going) and lots of light clothing. Cyprus can get extremely hot in summer.

Leather Mules

Strappy Sandals

Pano lefkara village in Cyprus via @finduslost
Pano lefkara village in Cyprus via @finduslost

View Hotels and Homes in Paphos, Cyprus

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If you’re considering Cyprus as a destination, don’t miss our Cyprus Travel Guide which covers my favorite spots around the island and tips for making the most of your experience. If you love pristine water, delicious food, and friendly locals…Cyprus is the place for you.

Do you have family spread out across the world? I’d love to hear about a country that’s close to your heart.