I’m so excited to finally share this video with all of you! We visited Mexico a couple weeks after we returned from our honeymoon. It was one of the three trips we did with Hard Rock Hotels this summer to shoot their properties and the surrounding area.

This trip started out a bit hectic – on the flight over, our bags were confiscated by security (we still have no idea why) so we ended up in Puerto Vallarta with only our clothes and some of our camera equipment. Luckily everything arrived the next day, including our friends who flew in from California to join us for the shoot. We made up for lost time by scheduling out excursions to explore Sayulita, the coast of Yelapa, and Puerto Vallarta.

The best part of this trip was some of the hidden spots we found. Our friends Yoni and Lindsey had visited Puerto Vallarta a few times before, so they took us to a secret beach with a cave you can walk enter, along with some of their favorite places in downtown Sayulita: a cute shop with handmade items called Evoke The Spirit and a delicious lunch at El Itacate. We lucked out because a local family was hosting a baby sea turtle release on the beach the evening we visited Sayulita!

The waterfall you see in the video is located in Yelapa, and we stopped there during our boating trip. This visit was short (only 4 days) so if you plan to visit Puerto Vallarta there’s plenty to do if you stay longer.

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