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Gifts for the World Traveler

We all have that friend (or we are that friend). The one who always seems to talk about their travel plans. If you could, you’d buy them a one way ticket to their dream destination for the holidays. These gifts are for the world traveler, the friend, family member, or partner that always seems to have a serious case of wanderlust. Most likely, they are the type of person who collects moments over things — but cherishes items that remind them of the world. Here’s my selection of gifts that will inspire them and their never-ending urge to explore.

[noskimlink]TRAVEL JOURNAL[/noskimlink]
The perfect journal to instill inspiration and wanderlust.
I also love [noskimlink] this design.[/noskimlink]

[noskimlink]CARRY-ON COCKTAIL KIT[/noskimlink]
The chic-est cocktail kit ever! Great for flights, and the perfect stocking stuffer. It also comes in [noskimlink]silver.[/noskimlink]

[noskimlink]APPLE AIRPODS[/noskimlink]
Airpods are the perfect travel companion. Jacob
and I use these on all our flights to watch movies or listen to music together.

[noskimlink]WATERCOLOR GLOBE[/noskimlink]
For the friend who’s filled with wanderlust. We had a custom globe like this made for our wedding day.

[noskimlink]ONA CAMERA BAG[/noskimlink]
These camera bags are built to withstand anything. I love their classic, fashionable look that only gets better with wear. I use their [noskimlink]small satchel[/noskimlink], and Jacob uses their [noskimlink]backpack[/noskimlink].




E-readers are great gifts,
and each year they get more and more affordable. I
always travel with my
This is hands down my favorite coffee table book. It’s filled with the best stops in every European city, and makes a beautiful gift.
My go-to carry-on suitcase. The hard case makes it so I never have to worry about my items inside.
I recently bought this
travel-friendly canteen for my best friend. It keeps
your drink hot or cold depending on the temperature, and I adore
the floral pattern!
I love our instant camera. This new version is top rated and has the best modern design.


Essential for the world traveler. I also love these colors.
When we’re no longer traveling full-time, these
fun coasters will be my first purchase.
Mark where you’ve been & where you want to go. I love the elegant design of this map.
The ULTIMATE gift! For something more budget-friendly, consider this Sony camera & lens or consult our guide to choosing the right travel camera.

Besides Paris, I love the London, Amsterdam and Italy prints.


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Gifts for the World Traveler | Gift Guide by Find Us Lost
Gifts for the World Traveler | Gift Guide by Find Us Lost
Gifts for the World Traveler | Gift Guide by Find Us Lost

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