Canal houses and coffee, Amsterdam, NetherlandsThe end of the year always has me reflecting on how I want to start out the next one. And 2017 has been a big one for me – Jacob and I made the decision to keep traveling and living in Amsterdam, we officially started a new business together, and…we got married! (Yes, still eagerly awaiting our wedding photos to prove it.)

When I started this blog last year, other than creating travel guides, I didn’t really know what direction I wanted to take it in. So much has changed since then, and this past month I decided that I want to invest more time in building this part of Find Us Lost and creating a community here. So, I thought I’d do just that – and also give this site the refresh that it truly deserves. Here’s what to expect here as we head into 2018. I’m really excited about these updates, and I hope you are too!

1. Real, raw content

We never expected our Instagram and blog to take off in the way that it did, and to be honest I’m still getting used to the fact that we’re sharing our lives with so many people around the world. It’s exciting, but also kind of terrifying! While I’ve been a bit hesitant to share too much, I’ve gotten more comfortable with the fact that it allows me to connect with you all on a deeper level. So, you can expect more personal writing from my end, and photos and videos to match. For a start, check out our updated About page.

2. More posts and guides

It’s been hard for us to post frequently because of the constant traveling Jacob and I have been doing these past few months, but being back in Amsterdam has given us some time to reset and refresh. I recently put together an editorial calendar organizing the guides and posts I’m working on to share with you  – and there’s a lot! Stay tuned for lots of new photos, experiences, and guides coming soon, starting with a new travel guide to Romania, one of my favorite destinations from 2017.

3. User-friendly website improvements

Creating a blog that’s beautiful and easy to navigate is at the top of my mind going into 2018 and this new website design is the first step! I really hope you like it (and please let me know if you have suggestions for something else you’d like to see!).

4. Travel tips & useful info

The content on the site right now can be filed into 3 buckets: travel guides (complete guides, 24 hour guides, road trip guides), destinations (experiences, places, and hotels around the world) and discussions (more personal stuff). I’m looking forward to weaving in more tips and advice for traveling within these posts, so you can really treat this as an outlet to both get inspired and find the information you need to book your travels.

5. More videos

Jacob and I love shooting and sharing videos of our travels, but we’re usually also taking photos, working, and constantly balancing a jam-packed schedule when we travel. However, we’ve heard you want more so – it’s coming! I’ll announce when we post a video, but if you really want to be the first to know, I’d suggest you subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Finally, as a thank you for being a part of this community, stay tuned this week on our Instagram because I’ll be giving away skyhours to your dream destination with my new favorite app, Skyhour! Skyhour is the first of its kind gifting platform that enables endless travel possibilities by inspiring people to give & receive flight hours that can be used by anyone, anywhere, on over 350 airlines. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves travel. 😉

I can’t wait to start 2018 off with a bang! Your continued support means so much to me, I really couldn’t do all of this without you.

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