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I’ve learned a lot from starting this blog just 7 months ago. What has surprised me the most (and still continues to) is the incredible community I’ve found in other like-minded travelers around the world, through social media and blogs.

That’s why I’m thrilled that not one, but two, bloggers I adore have nominated us for the Liebster Award, which recognizes up-and-coming blogs and strengthens ties within the blogging community.

Thank you Across Land & Sea for our Liebster Award nomination. Bloggers Rachel and Matt challenged themselves to save $20,000 in six months, to travel for six months. They accomplished their goals and are now continuing their travels, while profiling amazing destinations like Australia and Malaysia along the way. Check out their adventurous blog here. Special thanks as well to Charlotte from Lulu Escapes for our nomination!

Here are my answers to Across Land & Sea’s questions as part of the nomination:


Our Q&A

Tell us about your blog – how did it start and why did you decide to write one?

When we left L.A. in March 2016 to travel, we originally started our Instagram account as a way to share photos from our travels with friends and family. It quickly developed into much more. People started reaching out to us constantly for travel tips from destinations we visited, so I decided to start creating my own version of travel guides, both visual and recommendation-based, that I’ve looked for while planning my own travels. And so, Find Us Lost was born!

Couple overlooking Santorini Rooftops Enagement Session Oia Town

Jacob surprised me be proposing the day after we left, so we took our engagement photos in Santorini

What has been your favorite travel experience?

Jacob and I both love road trips. It’s a toss up between our most recent trip through the Balkans (we began in Italy and visited some incredible new countries including Slovenia and Montenegro), and our drive through Iceland. There’s something so freeing about being able to pull over anytime you want to explore a city or take a photo.

Overlooking the lake from Bled Castle in Slovenia

The lookout over Lake Bled in Slovenia

… and your least favorite/most disappointing?

I’m not a fan of crowds, so anywhere that is overrun by people and tourists I tend to avoid (I love France, but the Louvre comes to mind!). Jacob and I have started waking up early on trips to experience places before they are busy, and I love the feel of experiencing somewhere new without the typical crowds. It feels more authentic.

What’s on your bucket list for travel in 2017?

We would love to take a road trip through Norway. Also — Estonia, Latvia, and Romania. Jacob really wants to see India, and I am set on seeing the Faroe Islands!

Ring Road Iceland's Golden Circle

Road tripping through Iceland made me want to visit the Faroe Islands

What country are you NOT interested in visiting?

I would never have thought to visit Kazakhstan, but a couple Jacob met recently who drove from Africa to Asia in eight months said it had the most beautiful landscapes they had ever seen. So, now we want to go!

What are some of the best/most memorable things that you’ve eaten during your travels?

Truffle pasta in Italy, Hungarian paprika chicken in Budapest, and langoustine in Iceland. I could plan an entire trip just based on food I want to eat.

Breakfast Spread at Riad Yamina in Marrakech

Breakfast in Marrakech

What do you miss about home when you’re on the road?

Our dogs. They are currently at home with Jacob’s family.

If you could give three pieces of advice to fellow travelers, what would they be?

If you’re planning a trip, mix in smaller towns with more well-known cities. It’ll help you get a better feel for the country as a whole, and will make the experience much more unique.

Budget travel is definitely possible, even if you don’t want to “rough it”. Flights are getting cheaper, there are affordable destinations abound (try Thailand or Croatia), and Airbnb is a great hotel alternative if you’re trying to save.

It’s OK to choose a destination purely on photos! I love using Pinterest or Instagram to inspire my next trip. Find a photo that excites you, research the place, and GO!



The rules of the Liebster Award are:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Answer their questions
  • Nominate 5-10 other travel bloggers who ideally have a following of under 1000 on a social media channel
  • Ask them 5-10 questions of your own


Our nominations:

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Our 7 questions for you:

Tell us about your blog – how did it start and why did you decide to write one?

What is one of your favorite travel memories?

What made you fall in love with traveling?

What’s on your travel bucket list for 2017?

What are some of the most memorable meals you’ve had while traveling?

What do you enjoy photographing the most while traveling?

If you could give one piece of advice to a fellow traveler, what would it be?


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