Amsterdam canal in the snow during winter in the Netherlands via @finduslost Pastel houses from the Tallinn Christmas Market in Estonia in winterGrowing up in California I never expected to love winter as much as I do now. I’ve always enjoyed the snow, but I had never sought it out until we moved to Amsterdam. Now when we plan our yearly travels I always have at least one winter destination in mind. I love the way snow transforms a city or makes certain colors pop (I always picture the pastel towns in Romania or ‘blue hour’, the time just before sunset in Finland). I’m so inspired by the colors in winter, and our trip to Svalbard a couple years back is what inspired me to create this creamy set of photography presets. Introducing: the Winter Collection.

If you aren’t sure what presets are, they’re basically 1-click filters you can apply on your photos to achieve a certain ‘look’. If you’ve ever used VSCO on your phone, the Lightroom app (which is what presets are designed for) is very similar, with added editing capabilities. You can learn more about presets, watch a tutorial video for desktop, and read our FAQs here. All the photos you see on our blog and instagram are edited with the same presets you see in our shop! The Winter Collection, like all of our preset collections, is available both for the desktop version of Lightroom and the free Lightroom mobile app.

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Pastel colors of Svalbard before sunset over the water in winter with a glacier Glass hotel in Kemi, Lapland with snow in winter in Finland edited with Find Us Lost Presets

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For this new collection, I took elements of some our most loved and used presets and refined them for winter colors. Winter photos can be tough to edit, but these presets are designed to brighten the overall look of any photo and play off of cooler tones often found in wintertime. The result is presets that bring out icy blue tones and pastels, while making photos pop!

The ‘Melt’ preset is one of my favorites. It was actually developed from a similar preset in the Greek Islands collection, which works best for ocean blues and sand. Winter colors tend to have a lot of blues and whites, so there’s actually quite a bit of crossover with tones in beach photos.

Glacier view from our ship in Svalbard edited with Winter Collection from Find Us Lost Presets Amsterdam in winter taking a photo on the canal in the Netherlands

Svalbard and Amsterdam, edited with the ‘Melt’ preset for desktop.

One preset I love to play around with for portraits is the ‘Rich’ preset, which is only available in the desktop version of our Winter Collection. This preset has a built-in radial filter, so it darkens the edges of any photo for a more dramatic punch. It’s beautiful for portraits and photos that have a central focal point since it leads your eye to the center. Here it is applied to this photo of a swing from my trip to Norway and on this photo of an arctic fox in Svalbard:

Swing in Alesund, Norway over the fjords and water edited with Find Us Lost PresetsArctic fox in Svalbard edited with Find Us Lost Presets

The ‘Rich’ preset has a built-in radial filter that darkens the edge of your photo, making portraits pop. Available only in the desktop Winter Collection.

I used certain elements from other collections, like our India Collection, to subtly highlight warm colors. The ‘Glacier’ preset tends to add a soft feel to bright photos, while the ‘Golden’ preset adds tones that feel a bit vintage. I’ve really loved refining these the last six months since I initially created them in Svalbard, and I hope you enjoy them too!

Glacier in Svalbard, Spitsbergen from a boat with blue layers of ice Amsterdam canals edited with Find Us Lost Presets
Svalbard edited with the ‘Glacier’ preset, Amsterdam edited with the ‘Reindeer’ Preset.

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The below blog posts include photos where I’ve used our new Winter Collection presets:

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