Last month we visited Sweden for the first time with the Sweden Tourism Board. We had the best time exploring the West Coast! Jacob and I put together this West Sweden video highlighting some of our favorite moments.

This video covers everything, including the most epic surroundings from our 72 hour cabin in Dalsland, to the islands off Sweden’s coast (there are over 8,000 in total!). The sunsets here were incredible, as were the day-to-day excursions we went on. We ended our trip in Gothenburg, discussing how we could see ourselves living there (as you might know, we’re currently traveling full-time without a home base, so it wasn’t a joke!).

Here is everything featured in this video, in order of appearance and with timecodes: sunsets over Ljungskile (0:01); the 72 hour glass cabin at Baldersnäs Manor in Dalsland (0:06 to 0:14 again at 0:25 to 0:30); canoeing and swimming on the grounds of Baldersnäs Herrgård (0:15, again at 0:44 to 0:48); Marstrand Island (0:18 to 0:22); Da Matteo’s courtyard in Gothenburg (0:22);  Gunnebo House and Gardens (0:32 to 0:33, again at 0:56); outdoor sauna at Frihamnen (0:34 to 0:38), the glass pool at Upper House Spa (0:38 to 0:43); the Garden Society of Gothenburg (0:49 to 0:53); sunset from the patio at Sjömagasinet (0:54); the interior of Kafe Magasinet (0:58); beer tasting at Vega in Gothenburg (0:59); Haga district of Gothenburg (1:01), fresh mussels at musselbaren in Ljungskile (1:02); swimming and picnicking at Slussen (1:04 to 1:06); sunset from Skansen Kronan in Gothenburg (1:07); and finally, sunset from the beautiful grounds at Villa Sjötorp (1:08-1:10).

I hope this video inspires you to visit Sweden’s West Coast. I highly recommend visiting in summertime, when everyone is spending their time bbq’ing on warm summer evenings, swimming, and taking boat trips. Check out our West Sweden Travel Guide for our favorite stops and where to stay along the coast!

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