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The Complete Milos, Greece Travel Guide

I can confidently say Milos, Greece is one of my favorite destinations to date. Between the unforgettable beaches (if you haven’t seen photos of the ‘moonscapes’ of Sarakiniko Beach, check them out ASAP), delicious fresh seafood, and quaint and uncrowded downtowns, it’s truly a slice of paradise. Milos has a port that connects directly from Athens so it’s the perfect…

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White Linen Pants in Hardwick, Vermont

Outfit details: Faithfull White Linen Pants; Anthropologie Ruffled Top; white cableknit sweater (similar here); Matisse boots. I’ve been getting more into style lately. Maybe it’s because we’re in New York, or maybe it’s because I’m still without many clothes (most of our belongings are in storage in Amsterdam!). Whatever the reason, I was inspired to bring this off-the-shoulder white top and…

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Vermont Treehouse Airbnb: A Weekend Getaway from NYC

Stay details: Vermont Treehouse Airbnb in Hardwick, Vermont. A 5.5 hr drive from New York City. I’ve been craving snow more than ever this year. Since living in Amsterdam, I’ve been more aware of how experiencing a new city can be so different depending on the time of year. Some of my favorite trips in the past couple years of…

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The Complete Cook Islands Travel Guide

The Cook Islands is my go-to recommendation anytime someone asks me about a tropical getaway. There is something so special about experiencing a destination so beautiful with so little crowds. From the crystal clear turquoise water of Aitutaki to the tropical jungles of Rarotonga, a getaway in the Cook Islands is what a tropical vacation should feel like. The locals…

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2.5 Years of Travel: Our Recap Video!

Ever wonder what full time travel looks like? This past summer, Jacob and I had the idea to create a video that would highlight our favorite moments from the past two and a half years of non-stop traveling. I cannot believe how long I’ve kept this video a secret! We’ve been working on this video for so long — sourcing…

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Why We’ve Decided to Change Our Name on Instagram

A couple weeks ago, Jacob and I made the decision to change our Instagram account. Specifically, we decided to update our account from having both our names, to just listing mine — Selena Taylor. Since starting @finduslost, a lot has changed — both with us, and with Instagram as a platform. Before I dive into the reasons we made this…

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Your Favorite Posts of 2018

It’s that time of year again. Normally the end of the year sneaks up on me, and I start reviewing everything I still want to get done. This year feels a bit different. Though 2018 flew by, I can’t help but acknowledge how much we have done this year. I took on travel blogging as my full-time job at the…

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Introducing Our Lightroom Photo Presets!

I am so excited to finally announce the launch of our Lightroom Presets! I’ve been creating and refining these photo presets for years since Jacob and I first left to travel in 2016. I’ve received countless DM’s on Instagram, emails, messages, even in-person requests for these presets. Words cannot express how happy I am to finally be sharing them with…

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The Complete Kauai Travel Guide

Of all the Hawaiian islands, Kauai is by far my favorite. It boasts incredible mountain landscapes, crystal-clear water, quaint restaurants, and beautiful waterfalls. The locals are friendly and tourists don’t seem to linger around on the beaches as much as on Maui or the Big Island, which makes it seem a bit more untouched. This Kauai travel guide has a little bit of something…

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