Greek Islands Collection (Mobile)

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The Greek Islands Mobile Collection is a series of 6 custom mobile presets designed for the free Lightroom app.

Photos shown have been edited on a mobile device and include iPhone, Drone, GoPro, DSLR and mirrorless camera photos. All you need is your smartphone and free Lightroom app to edit with these presets – no Lightroom subscription needed!

Our Greek Islands presets were created during our travels through the Greek Islands, the Cook Islands, and the Bahamas and have now been adapted for mobile devices. Each preset name is inspired by a destination we’ve visited. This collection works well with beaches, sunny weather, colorful towns, portraits and sunsets, but it can be used across any photos to achieve a beautiful, polished look — just like the photos you see on our Instagram and blog!

Here’s what you’ll receive with your download:

– 6 Custom Mobile Presets

– Compatibility with JPEG files

– Our Quick Installation Guide

– Our ‘Editing Cheat Sheet’

These presets make editing on-the-go quick and easy. They are compatible with JPEG files, including iPhone photos. If you’ve edited using VSCO or other photo editing apps but not the Lightroom App, you’ll find it is very similar and easy to use (with some added capabilities!). It also saves your photos with edits in case you want to return to them, and does not diminish the quality when you export/save your photo.

Keep in mind these presets are specifically designed for the mobile. They are not the same as our desktop presets which are only compatible for RAW or high quality JPEG images.

Click here for our Greek Islands Preset Collection for desktop.

*Note: after purchasing our mobile presets, you will receive the files immediately and will first download them to your computer. This download includes a quick installation guide PDF with our instructions to set them up on your mobile device.

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Scroll down to read our FAQ’s & watch a video of our presets in action.


A Note From Selena

In my opinion, the best thing about presets is the ability to make them completely your own. When I first started out with the Lightroom program, I was excited but also overwhelmed. It took me years to perfect the preset collections we now use for our photos. This mobile collection has been adapted from our favorite presets, making them incredibly easy-to-use and smartphone friendly! If you want to improve your images drastically with 1 click, these presets are for you. After applying your preset, you can save your images to your phone directly or make tweaks while you’re in the Lightroom app. It’s the perfect solution for editing on-the-go.


What are Lightroom Presets?
Lightroom presets are similar to filters, but they allow for way more control over your image because they are fully customizable when applied. Over the past few years of editing photos I’ve developed our own collection of presets by making edits to various photos, saving those edits, and continuously refining them. The result is various presets that we use every day to edit our photos, which are the ones we’re selling here.

What’s the difference between mobile and desktop presets?
Mobile presets are for use on the free Lightroom app for mobile and work with JPEG images like iPhone photos. Desktop presets are for use your computer with the Adobe Lightroom program, which requires a subscription. Desktop presets work with RAW photos and high quality JPEG images. Are mobile and desktop presets are not the same – they have been developed and adapted with each platform in mind.

I’m new to photography, can I still use presets?
Yes! Presets can be used by anyone. It’s up to you if you prefer to edit on your mobile device using mobile presets or a computer using desktop presets. You’ll always have the most control with a desktop computer. Presets work great for travel photos, photos you take with friends and family, for events, to develop your own portfolio…you name it.

When do I get the presets after I purchase them?
You’ll be sent the presets immediately after purchasing, along with our Quick Installation Guide and Editing Cheat Sheet.

How do I know which preset collection is right for me?
While all our collections are designed to work with a wide range of photos, I recommend the Europe Collection (mobile version here) if you tend to take more photos of buildings and nature, and the Greek Islands Collection (mobile version here) if you take more photos of beachy destinations and blue skies, and the India Collection (mobile version here) if you’re looking for warmth and capturing cities and details. Both are designed to enhance landscapes and skin tones. If you want a diverse set of presets to cover all types of photos, I recommend purchasing our Complete Collection (mobile version here), which includes all our presets at a discounted rate.


Mobile Presets FAQs

Do I need to pay to use the Lightroom app on my phone?
Nope! The Lightroom app is free to download and you don’t need a subscription to use it.

Can I edit my iPhone photos on the Lightroom mobile app?
Yes! I edit all my iPhone photos using our presets on the Lightroom mobile app.

Can I edit photos taken with my camera on the Lightroom mobile app?
Yes again. You will just need to get the JPEG files to your phone for editing. I recommend using Airdrop or you can also email them to yourself.


Desktop Presets FAQs

I work with a specific line of photography, will these still work for me?
Yes! Our desktop presets are great for bloggers, travel photographers, portrait photographers, fashion photographers…basically anyone looking for a clean, polished aesthetic.

I don’t shoot RAW, will the desktop presets still work?
Shooting in RAW is recommended as it gives you access to all of the info within the photo and more control when editing. However, our desktop presets will still work for JPEG photos just fine.

Do I need a Lightroom subscription on my computer to use your desktop presets?
Yes, you will need a monthly subscription to Adobe Lightroom. If you don’t want to pay for a subscription, consider purchasing our mobile presets instead for the free Lightroom app.

What file format are the presets in, and will they work with an older version of Lightroom?
Presets are in .xmp format. Adobe Lightroom pushed an update through in April 2018 and switched from .lrtemplate to .xmp file formats. To avoid any compatibility issues, I highly recommend using the latest version of Lightroom if you aren’t already! I edit in Lightroom Classic CC using the latest version.


9 reviews for Greek Islands Collection (Mobile)

    Greek Islands Collection (Mobile) photo review
    Megan Harvey
    August 2, 2020
    LOVE this preset! Use it to edit all my images gram photos, it makes it so quick and easy and they look amazing! Can’t wait to get more presets!
    Christin Fisher
    May 12, 2020
    These presets are awesome and super easy to use in Lightroom! Naxos is my favorite so far, but I’m excited to take more photos & use the other presets as well. Highly recommend!
    April 17, 2020
    The Greek Islands presets are amazing. They really give your photos that Greek vibe in just one click!
    September 29, 2019
    Amazing! I love these so much and love the summer holiday vibe they give my photos! They work well even on indoor photos ✨
    September 26, 2019
    These presets are simply amazing. They are so easy to use on different subjects from flatlays, to landscapes. What I love most is that they are easily adjustable to fit your original style. I love using them as my base then tweaking the contrast and lighting to make the edit my own. I cannot recommend this set highly enough. I love taking photos more so, just to see how they would look using the presets! Chalki is my far my favorite, although they are all so great.
    Greek Islands Collection (Mobile) photo review
    Linda Dumas
    August 30, 2019
    Love this preset collection! Looking forward to buying the India presets!
    Greek Islands Collection (Mobile) photo review
    Greek Islands Collection (Mobile) photo review
    Greek Islands Collection (Mobile) photo review
    August 9, 2019
    LOVE the 'Greek Islands Collection' presets. They really make water look gorgeous and lighten and brighten in all the right places. Cannot recommend enough!
    Greek Islands Collection (Mobile) photo review
    July 31, 2019
    What I need!
    Greek Islands Collection (Mobile) photo review
    July 15, 2019
    I absolutely love these presets! I have all three sets of them! They make using Lightroom so easy to do! I appropriately edited this picture of my daughter in Paros with the ‘Greek Islands’ presets.
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