Who We Are

We’re Selena and Jacob. And we’ve just begun exploring the world.

engagement photo of us taken in santorini in front of yellow wall

We discovered in 2012 that we both shared some serious wanderlust. After just one month of dating, we planned our first road trip through Europe after graduating college.

sitting and looking at bridge in small french town Semur en auxois

Afterwards, we settled in Los Angeles and returned to our daily lives just like any average 20-somethings. We worked during the week, enjoyed life in L.A. on the weekends, and traveled as much as possible during the holidays (seriously, red-eye flights were the norm to maximize vacation time).

That was our life until 2016, when we decided to leave the comforts of California and one-up every other trip we’d taken in the past. The plan? Jet set to Kauai first, then embark on a three-month road trip through Europe…and move there.

swimming and kissing in queen's bath kauai hawaii

Oh, and get engaged right after leaving. (Surprise!)

  after saying yes to a proposal and showing diamond ring in kauai hawaii

Now, we can’t seem to stop traveling.

walking on the beach together in malibu california

We’re so glad that you found us, and we hope that our travels will inspire you in your own.

Let’s get lost together.